Double-walled heat and cold transfer system Thermplate

For heat transfer, efficiency is of great importance. In order to offer the highest possible efficiency, Leering developed the dimple jacket Thermplate®. This double-walled heat and cold transfer system is widely used in our tanks and equipment. Compared to traditional systems such as half pipe coil, double wall, dimple jacket and shell in tube, Thermplate® provides a particularly high efficiency.

Unique properties of Thermplate®

  • Lower installation costs.
  • ‘Freedom of form’ almost as big as an ordinary flat plate.
  • Minimal pressure loss.
  • Low volume per m2, thus favorable for PED (2014/68/EU).
  • Optimal energy efficiency.
  • Large surface for heat transfer.
  • Minimal use of materials.
  • Resistant to very high pressure.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for all pumped liquids and gases.

Thermplate® is supplied in two different versions:

single embossed; for indirect
heating and/or cooling of products.
(Thin on thick plate, laser welded)

double embossed; for direct heating and/or cooling of a certain medium. (Thin on thin plate laser welded, often used with plate heat exchangers)

Both versions of the Thermplate® can be made in almost any desired shape, size, thickness and material type.

Thermplate® clamp-on system

Leering has developed the Thermplate® clamp-on system for existing tanks and vessels. The Thermplate® elements are clamped to the outside of the existing equipment. This makes it possible to benefit from the many advantages of Thermplate® without having to replace the existing equipment.