Laser welding by A. Leering Enschede

High efficiency through special method of laser welding

Our laser welding technology guarantees high-quality and stable welding. This welding technique ensures our Thermplate®, among other products, is highly efficient. This is a double-walled heat transfer system used in the tanks, appliances and heat exchangers which we produce.

Quality of laser welding

Reliability and quality are important to us as a metal company. This is why we have our welding approved by our own quality department, who meticulously examine the laser weld at microscopic level in our in-house laboratory to determine whether it meets the requirements set for the welding templates.

Welding different products

The possibilities of laser welding are limitless. Due to the flexibility of the fibre laser, we can weld various types of products including circles, rectangles, parallelograms or conical projections.

Welding single and double embossed plates

It is possible to laser weld both single and double embossed plates. This means the relief, which becomes visible after the plates are inflated, is present on just one or both sides. The single variant is often used in tank construction and the double variant is mainly used for plate heat exchangers. The plates are welded together according to a specific welding template, the so-called dimple jacket. The plates are inflated under high pressure, creating a sort of ‘cushion effect’. This ensures optimal efficiency in heat transfer. In the single variant, only the thin plate deforms, with the thicker bottom plate remaining flat. In the double variant, both the lower and upper plate are inflated. We can produce both variants in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses or material types.

Laser welding by A. Leering Enschede:

single embossed; for indirect
heating and/or cooling of products.
(Thin on thick plate, laser welded)

double embossed; for direct heating and/or cooling of a certain medium. (Thin on thin plate laser welded, often used with plate heat exchangers)

Both types can be made in almost any desired shape, size, thickness and material type.