Laser welding of Thermoplate

Leering has been processing Thermplate® for its products for more than 25 years. We are rightly proud of this dimple jacket, as it makes our tanks and equipment highly efficient. We weld the stainless steel plates for the Thermplate® dimple jacket in-house.

Why Thermplate®?

Efficiency is of great importance in the heat transfer process. In order to offer the highest possible efficiency, we have developed the Thermplate® dimple jacket. This dimple jacket ensures a turbulent flow, which is extremely beneficial for the transfer of heat/cold. Read more about Thermplate® here.

Applications with Thermplate®

Tanks and equipment with Thermplate® are used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries.

We weld stainless steel Thermplate® plates for our own projects in tank and equipment manufacturing, but also supply flat laser welded plates to third parties.

Would you like to know more about laser welding of Thermplate® plates by A. Leering Enschede? Please contact Erik Vunderink, Dennis Diepenmaat or Tonnie Janssen.