Plasma cutting: customized stainless steel products

Leering Plasma cutting is the specialist in the field of cutting stainless steel to size. We are an experienced supplier of stainless steel products including:

  • Rings, discs, strips, plates and shapes
  • Flanges for various applications
  • Other types of products according to drawing

We can deliver stainless steel products both processed and unprocessed to size.

CNC controlled plasma cutting machines

We have a CNC controlled plasma cutting machine. This allows us to cut any shape from stainless steel in thicknesses from 1mm to 60 mm. Our plasma cutting machine is equipped with a double cutting table, which helps us to produce quickly and flexibly.

Finished stainless steel products – customized stainless steel

Do you have a product that needs processing? Besides plasma cutting, Leering provides additional processing such as turning, drilling, milling or edging of cut stainless steel products. All this with a fast delivery time.Ask our sales team about the possibilities.

Composite products

Composing RVS parts in cooperation with Leering Apparatenbouw is also one of the possibilities.

Short delivery times due to own stock of stainless steel plates

We have a large stock of stainless steel sheets in various sizes and thicknesses. This standard stainless steel sheet stock is more than 400 tonnes on average. This allows us to have short delivery times.