A. Leering Enschede Plasma and Laser Cutting

Stainless steel laser and plasma cutting

Our Plasma and Laser Cutting branch is the right place for precision cutting of stainless steel plates. We turn a flat stainless steel plate into a semi-finished product. This includes manholes and many other possibilities. We deliver both processed and unprocessed customized stainless steel products to order.


  • flanges for multiple applications
  • various shapes
  • plates
  • strips
  • discs
  • rings
  • Other products according to drawing

Plasma cutting

We can cut any shape using our modern plasma cutting machine. We have plates up to 60 mm in stock. We are able to work quickly and flexibly, as our plasma cutting machine is equipped with a double cutting table.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a precise process. We have the space to cut exceptionally large stainless steel plates up to a maximum thickness of 25mm. The cutting table has a size of 3000×16000 mm. All our work, whether it is products cut with laser or plasma, is delivered with a perfect finish.

Fast custom delivery

Our delivery times are short due to our large stock of stainless steel plates of various sizes and thicknesses. In addition, after cutting, we can also work on other types of processing of the stainless steel product, such as turning, drilling, milling or edging.

From semi-finished product to machine

In collaboration with our sister company A. Leering Enschede Tank and Equipment Manufacturing, we can assemble stainless steel parts into a complete product. Our organization consists of four companies and because the lines are short, we can respond flexibly to your exact needs. Ask our sales team for more information.

Do you have questions about a specific solution?

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