A. Leering Enschede
Founded in 1845, Leering Enschede specialises in processing different types of metal. By continually investing in knowledge and machinery, the company has developed over the years into a producer of high-quality metal products.

Our Experience

176 jaar ervaring
Specialist op het gebied van roestvaststaal
Specialist op het gebied van laserlassen van Thermplate®
Partner in kleine en middelgrote - niet complexe - serieproductie

We supply products from four disciplines that have their own separate company:

Tank and equipment manufacturing

A. Leering Enschede Equipment and Manufacturing, is a specialist in the field of stainless steel tank manufacturing and equipment manufacturing.

Plasma and Laser Cutting

A. Leering Enschede Plasmasnijden B.V., aka A. Leering Enschede Plasma Cutting, is a specialist in cutting stainless steel. With our modern cutting machines, we can produce any shape from stainless steel in thicknesses from 1 mm up to 60 mm.

Laser welding

A. Leering Enschede Laserwelding B.V. is a specialist in laser welding of Thermplate® plates.

Metal processing

A. Leering Metal Processing is your all-round partner in small and medium – non-complex – series production of stainless steel, ALU, brass and other materials.

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